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8 MW
Tariff: 0,09 USD/kW*h
Energy yield: 1600
Energy production: 12800000 kWh*year
CO2 avoidance: 8320
CAPEX: 3 000 000
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Investment:$3 000 000
Share deal:75%
Renewable energy in Kazakhstan is pushed toward by the government. “National Concept for Transition to a Green Economy up to 2050” taken by the state shows its ambitious plans for RES growth. The GOTOSOLAR team plans to take a part in the next solar auctions starting in autumn 2018.
1.9 MW
Tariff: 0,2 euro/kW*h
Energy yield: 1630
Energy production: 3097000 kWh*year
CO2 avoidance: 2013
CAPEX: 3 600 000
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Investment:$3 600 000
Share deal:100%
More than 20% of total energy supply comes from renewable sources in Greece. Thanks to the special state support, Greek solar energy is a very attractive way to invest. You can get 100% share in the already commissioned and working 1.9 MW PV solar plant.
1 MW
Tariff: 0,095 euro/kW*h
Energy yield: 1720
Energy production: 172000 kWh*year
CO2 avoidance: 1118
CAPEX: 700 000
Investment:$500 000
Share deal:50%
Portugal has great potential for the renewable energy boost. The Electricity market is strongly focused on RES promotion, especially solar. The Portuguese tariff system provides a fixed price to solar producers, thus we can calculate the return on investment, another plus for GOTOSOLAR to start the implementation of profitable projects here.
2 MW
Tariff: 0,07 euro/kW*h
Energy yield: 1350
Energy production: 2700000 kWh*year
CO2 avoidance: 1755
CAPEX: 1 300 000
Investment:$300 000
Share deal:75%
Bulgaria provides excellent conditions for the solar energy development due to its climatic conditions. The solar potential is quite suitable almost in any Bulgarian territory. Our goal is to construct a PV solar plant combining right location and renewed electricity tariff.
2 MW
Tariff: 0,08 USD/kW*h
Energy yield: 1750
Energy production: 3500000 kWh*year
CO2 avoidance: 2275
CAPEX: 1 400 000
Investment:$400 000
Share deal:75%
The sunniest parts of the Planet are perfect places to construct a solar power plant. One of the best climate conditions can be found in Israel. The GOTOSOLAR team is always calculating all possible risks, obtain laws and seeking for all the nuances before the PVS implementation starts. You can learn more about the Israeli solar plant by contacting us.

Why Solar?

Low-risk level
Solar plants produce electricity and supply it to the grid with tariffs fixed up to 25 years.
After the PPA (power purchase agreement) runs out, the solar plant will operate for the next 25+ years providing energy at the current market tariff.
PPA signed with major state energy operators and secured for the whole period of time.
Solar irradiance varies from -4 to +4% and it means that we can accurately predict the energy production rate.
Standard equipment warranty covers up to 25 years of performance. Main parts’ service life exceeds 50 years.
PV solar plants are completely autonomous. When construction is finished, we sign a service contract that covers all necessary activities. All things could be monitored distantly.
Every solar plant has an insurance for tariff reduction, equipment failure, and many other cases.


How we achieve high profitability of ‘green field’ projects
Development and engineering

We independently develop and engineer projects. Study local laws and rules. Define how to obtain the tariff and sell the electricity under the current market rules.

We study all procedures and identify the most advantageous grid connection point because the grid connection point allows to save up to $50’000 per MW if selected correctly.

We obtain needed permits, allocate lands, pass tenders, etc to have the most profitable terms for further project implementation.

Professional software

We use tons of professional software

We maximize project profitability during the design stage using large climate databases (Meteonorm, SOLARGIS and NASA-SSE) and professional software for solar plant planning. We perform the modeling with 120-140 pairs of major components (solar panels and inverter systems).

Equipment monitoring

We are constantly monitoring current equipment prices, using global ratings and listings: pvXchange, SEIA, RENVU, ENF Solar.

Every month we get 6 reports with prices for 48 brands of equipment. We get monthly offers from our partners in Europe and Asia.

We watch for special offers from manufacturers.


Our next big step

We launch the GOTOSOLAR FUND as a first vertically-integrated renewable energy fund to provide the highest return at a low-risk level.

The idea behind is to implement projects from scratch: conduct the early development, full engineering, design, and equipment selection.

This model helps to reduce risks and costs, surpass technical barriers, and minimize additional expenses on 3rd-party involvement.

We are going to form a STAK fund (Stichting Administratiekantoor) structure - a type of Dutch trust foundation that does not disclose its participants.
Zero taxation
The fund is going to be transparent for the tax authorities and there is no additional taxation. Stakeholders only pay taxes in the country of incorporation.
The Dutch STAK fund structure is recognized as the most safest way to own assets in favor of its shareholders. It is used by very famous holdings like IKEA, Airbus and many others.
Hedging risks
The Fund will distribute investments among different projects in different countries, combining high-yield projects and low-risk contributions.
Management fee
Carried Interest
Target IRR
$1 million
Min investment


Solar energy market grows rapidly. Our goal is to create the easiest way to be a part of this market. Freely and safely.
Select a year:
Cumulative global installed solar PV capacity
0 MW
Solar PV power is the leader of alternative energy types. The photovoltaic market is growing rapidly and exponentially each year. We can characterize the solar market as fast developing, cheap in installation, and aiming to the grid parity. The world energy demand and decreasing costs are the main factors of solar boost.
Average utility-scale solar PV installation cost
0 USD/kW
Due to the rapid technological development, the solar equipment price is dropping fast. Lower constructional costs give us an opportunity to expand the total capacity each time.
Average utility-scale solar PV levelised electricity cost
0 USD/kWh
Despite the fact, that solar remains cheap in production, there are lots of components completing the final electricity price. Thanks to the government policies and other supportive factors, the cost of electricity generated by solar power tends to be less than the average grid electricity price.
Industry electricity price
0 USD/kWh
The common global electricity price is not a truthful data, because it varies greatly from country to country. Giving the fact, that a lot of countries has already achieved grid parity, we've chosen Sweden as an example of a tendency to the solar electricity cost similarity.

cost allocation

1 MW PV solar plant costs:
5%Grid connection
Main equipment
48%Solar panels
11%Support structures
10%Inverter system
Costs pie

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Meet the team

01.Our Team is formed by experts in Photovoltaic have been working together since 1991.
02.The Team worked in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
03.We have experience in PV solar cells and panels development and production, also qualified in solar projects development, design, and construction. Team members are skilled in establishing solar panels production lines.
Dmitriy Solodukha
Dmitriy Solodukha
M.Sc., entrepreneur, PV expert
Was involved in solar cells and modules production since 2003. Worked as engineer-technologist and started first business in 2008 in solar equipment sales. Since 2011 lead UNISOLEX company that was engaged in solar projects development, design, engineering, and construction. Developed 280 MW project with 4 factories on board. Founder of Solar DAO and UNISOLEX
Dmitriy Solodukha
Oleg Solodukha
M.Sc., inventor, PV expert
PV cells developer for space and ground usage. Developed several unique technologies in photovoltaic. Dedicated solar cells and modules production facilities in Russia, Germany, Spain, and South Africa. Has more than a dozen patents in Russia and the USA. Published in 25+ scientifically articles. Was awarded two medals of the Federation of Astronautics and a Government award.
Matthias Seidel
Matthias Seidel
Business development, analyst
Aleks Melekhavets
Aleks Melekhavets
Head of Solar Project Department
Anastasia Shcherbina
Anastasia Shcherbina
Marketer. Senior community manager
Andrey Medvedev
Andrey Medvedev
Head of Web Development
Prof. Klaus Thiessen
Prof. Klaus Thiessen
Advisor, Ioffe physical-technical institute
Marat Zaks
Marat Zaks
Advisor, Expert, Alfa club member
Evgeny Dorofeev
Evgeny Dorofeev
Financial Advisor
Roman Kolesnikov
Roman Kolesnikov
Partner, Steinweg Weber GmbH
Melvin Naidu
Melvin Naidu
Legal Adviser
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GOTOSOLAR Team's blockchain crowdfunding initiative

Solar DAO - the world's first crowdfunding blockchain project, created to help everyone take a part in worldwide solar plants construction starting from a small budget.

Based on Ethereum blockchain. United a community of true solar energy fans. Helps to get ROI in one level with major investors.

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A promising blockchain project aims to fully redesign the grid.

Decentralized platform for energy storage. Now every person or company can store electricity, and also transfer it within the network. The Powerchain platform allows you to trade the energy to stabilize the grid and save money.

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